About Us

As a young girl I remember my mother setting up our home in Switzerland for a cocktail party. A big part of the preparation involved the house being cleaned and decorated to dazzle the guests. I was always impressed by my mothers attention for detail and flair for design. Having lived in 1Europe for a time, where I experienced a high standard of service, my interest was peaked…specifically in the area of housekeeping.

My first formal position was at an elegant country inn (20 rooms) in Washington state. I started as a Laundress for the inn. Moving to working in the kitchen helping the chef and serving in the dining room. From there I became an Executive Housekeeper. I left the inn for a position at a private residence doing housekeeping, shopping, scheduling maintence and taking care of the inventory for parties/events. The family moved out of state and I obtained another similiar position.

I decided I needed a change and moved back to Arizona and started work at Tucson Medical Center in the housekeeping department. I learned a lot more about cleaning with an eye for detail.

I like the satifaction of cleaning a home, no matter how large or small, and having the client say “My house feels and smells so good!” or knowing that their home is being well cared for and secure while they are out of town.

We can customize our service to suit your needs…let us know what we can do for you.



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